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Jo Graham on Patreon

Today on the Wordpress blog: Why you should back jo_graham's Patreon.

Short version: because she is awesome and her stories are awesome and this will let her write more of them faster. Check out her Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/jograham

The Eagle's Heir + new blog

Check out jo_graham's post about the interactive fiction game we're writing for Choice of Games, The Eagle's Heir! I am having a blast writing this: so far I have gotten to write airship pirates, a dreadful Victorian dinner party, an elopement, a theatrical automaton gone berserk, and an assassination attempt foiled by the creative use of kitchen equipment, and we are only at the halfway mark. Also, more serious reflections on loyalty, idealism, honor, gender, and politics. I'm loving this.


Also, a heads-up: I'm going to be shifting more of my pro blogging over to my WordPress blog, although I'll still link or mirror posts here.

Today on the new blog: I review Inhuman Condition, a web series starring Tori Higginson as a therapist for supernatural patients.
I’m working on an exciting new project, a text-based game for Choice of Games, co-written with jo_graham. It's a steampunk adventure set in 1830s France, and I'm having a blast writing it. Look for THE EAGLE'S HEIR early next year!

In the Mathey & Lynes series, mescott and I are planning two short stories and a novella this year, with a full-length novel to follow next year. I'm re-immersing myself in the fabulously weird world of Victorian England and preparing to spend some quality time with Ned and Julian.

I'm also working on a Stargate novella in the Legacy series, and I'll be attending this year's Creation Stargate convention in Chicago this September with some of the other Fandemonium authors.

Finally, if you haven't already checked out the Lethe Press March sale, it's a great deal: buy at least three ebooks, and each title is only $1.50. If you're looking for DEATH BY SILVER, DEATH AT THE DIONYSUS CLUB, or Melissa's POINTS series, you can find them on the Gay Fantasy page, along with a host of other titles worth picking up.

Write ALL the things!

A busy month! Lots of things in the works:

My short story for the second Stargate anthology is in to MGM for review; it's a Ronon-centric story set in his younger days on Sateda, and was fun to write. The anthology is called POINTS OF ORIGIN, includes both SG-1 and SGA stories, and should be out later this year.

Melissa Scott and I have an outline for the next installment of the Mathey and Lynes series, a novella tentatively titled BY THE BEAUTIFUL SEA, in which Ned and Julian attempt to go on holiday together, but become mixed up in a metaphysical burglary. We've tentatively scheduled the next full-length Mathey and Lynes novel, DEATH UNDER FALSE PRETENSES, to be completed in early 2017.

Jo Graham and I are also working on a novella, this one a dark fantasy centered on a group of immortal artists in pursuit of a demonic killer. Writing an immortal Constantine Cavafy in Greenwich Village in 1980 may be the most entertaining thing I've done in a long time.

And I'm starting to plan my next Stargate project (starting to plan: like commencing to get ready to begin), a Legacy series novella (this year it seems to be novellas all the way down) centering on John Sheppard and Elizabeth Weir. Three Legacy novellas are planned for next year, to be published individually in ebook form and then collected into a single print volume.

Shore Leave!

I'll be at Shore Leave 37 this weekend, heading out to the con at just-kill-me-now-o'clock on Friday morning and hopefully arriving in early afternoon.

My panel schedule, as I understand it:

Keeping it Real: Facts in SF -- 5 PM Friday

Alternate, Steampunk, Gaslamp: Creating Parallel Worlds -- 10 AM Saturday

Upcoming Stargate Fiction -- 3 PM Saturday

LGBT Characters in SFF -- 4 PM Saturday

Writing and Publishing Short Stories -- 1 PM Sunday

Writing the Next Book -- 3 PM Sunday

It's always a great con, and I'm looking forward to it (and hoping I can catch David Nykl's talk on Sunday!)

Writing updates

It's been a long winter, but I feel that I'm emerging from the cave and blinking at the light. It helps that it's actually sunny and warm today, rather than some variation of ice, snow, melted snow that's now ice, or gray clouds threatening to produce more snow and ice.

My next SG-1 novel, MURDER AT THE SGC, is turned in and on its way to MGM for their review. We're hoping it'll be out in April or early May. Stay tuned! I'll let you know an exact publication date when I have one.

And my short story "The Passing Bell" sold to the TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER anthology, so I'm looking forward to seeing that in print in 2014 as well. I've also got stories due out this year in The Lane of Unusual Traders project and the DAUGHTERS OF FRANKENSTEIN anthology.

Now to go see what I can do for all those anthology calls I've been making myself ignore until I was finished with the book!

A Death at the Dionysus Club ebook formats

Just a note that if anyone's thinking of buying A Death at the Dionysus Club as an after-Christmas treat (and it would make a lovely after-Christmas treat!), it turns out we're currently on a Kindle exclusive, so there's no EPUB version available. I will let you know if that changes! (It's not up to me, but to our publisher.)

The Kindle version is DRM-free, though, so you can convert it to EPUB using Calibre (my favorite free ebook management software) or the MOBI to EPUB converter of your choice.

And the first book in the Lynes and Mathey series, Death by Silver, is still available in EPUB from Weightless Books as well as for Kindle through Amazon.
You can now read a preview of my steampunk story for the Young Explorer's Adventure Guide anthology:

The Wreck of the Airship Octavia

For once, the icon is entirely relevant. :-)

The Kickstarter for the anthology has less than two weeks to go, so if you've been thinking of throwing some cash in the hat, now's the time! Any help in spreading the word would also be welcome.

A rain of books!

A Death at the Dionysus Club is now out in print from Amazon as well as for Kindle, if you'd rather have real pages to turn.

Stargate: Far Horizons is now out in Kindle! As always, the print version will be following along behind -- I'll let you know when it's available. Wraith fans, my story "Consort" is for you: the untold history of "Todd" the Wraith during the Wraith/Asuran war.

Also, here's a sneak peek at the Nancy Kress story in the Young Explorer's Adventure Guide: Why I hate earth. The Kickstarter's rolling along, but not yet completely funded, so if you're interested in middle-grades SF (or want to sponsor a copy to be donated to a library or school), head on over: http://kck.st/1EXLFbQ

A Death at the Dionysus Club

dionysus club cover

The Kindle edition of A Death at the Dionysus Club is now available to purchase! Print, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, etc., will follow shortly.

ETA: It's currently on a Kindle exclusive, so no EPUB version available right now.